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Star Fleets
Levels and leveling
Star fleets
Star Fleet is a group of players.
Each fleet may have up to 100 members - players. All the members must belong to the same race.
Star Fleet members can start a war against other Star Fleets, but only against other races.
Join the Star Fleet
Each player can join to an existing Star Fleet which belongs to same race.
Players can join to some Star Fleet only if they are not already members of some fleet or Star Fleet Commanders.
To join to some Star Fleet, players need to send request to Star Fleet Commander, and then, Star Fleet Commander need to approve that request.
List of all available Star Fleet who’s looking for new members is visible in “My Star Fleet -> Join the Fleet” game section.
Star Fleet Commander will receive request in “My Ship -> Messages” game section.
Creating Star Fleet
Each player can create Star Fleet and become Star Fleet Commander.
Star fleet can be created in “My Star Fleet -> Create Star Fleet” game section.
Player cannot create Star Fleet if they are already commander or a member of same Star Fleet.
Setting Star Fleet flag
Only Star fleet commander can assign Star Fleet flag. Star Fleet flag is an image, similar as player’s avatar image.
Star Fleet flag can be uploaded in “My Star Fleet -> My Star Fleet members” game section.
Recruit members
In order to recruit new Star Fleet members, Commander can publish recruitment message.
Recruitment message can be published in “My Star Fleet -> Recruit members” game section and that message is visible to all players of the same race as Star Fleet Commander in “My Star Fleet->Join the fleet” game section.
Players can send request to join star fleet. If Star Fleet commander accept request from other players, they will become a Star Fleet members.
Also, Commander can invite other players by their in-game name to join to his Star Fleet in “My Star Fleet -> My Star Fleet members” game section.
View Star Fleet members and sending message to fleet members
List of all Star Fleet members is visible in “My Star Fleet -> My Star Fleet members” game section.
Every member can send a message to some Star Fleet member, or to all members. Sent message is visible in “My Ship -> Messages” game section.
Remove Star Fleet members and resign Star Fleet
Star fleet commander can remove individual members from Star Fleet, or completely resign Star Fleet.
Removing members from Star Fleet and resigning Star Fleet can be done in “My Star Fleet -> My Star Fleet members”.
Star Fleet can be resigned only when all members are removed from fleet.
Resign from Star Fleet
Each member of Star Fleet can leave Star Fleet in any time. Than can be done in “My Star Fleet -> My Star Fleet members” game section.
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