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Warriors of the Universe
Warriors of the Universe is a free to play HTML/text-based massively multiplayer online role-playing browser game (MMORPG).
At the very beginning of the game, player must choose their race. There is three playable races, each with different ships, weapons, shields and other equipments. Also, players can be organized in groups of players called “Star Fleet”.
Players get experience by accomplishing missions, and also by fights against other players. Six different types of missions are currently available in game.
There are three combat systems, such as PvP – single player vs. player fights, FvF – fleet vs. fleet wars and RvR – global race vs. race war. Members of race which won in RvR war gain access to secret missions.
A lot of other features are in the game for players to explore, such as trading system between players, lot of different in-game items, daily rewards, daily lottery game, etc.
Warriors of the universe
News & Announcements
Warriors of the Universe Open Beta

10/07/11 11:19:45

Web site and game update and maintenance are finished. Web site and game are updated to version Open Beta. This update includes some new features and some in-game changes.

Player’s referral links are added to game. Player can now invite their friends to join to game. By inviting friends, player’s can obtain up to 360 reward points and 3600 contribute points as rewards.

Player’s do not need to visit their Cargo to use Energy Cells and/or Repair Bots in order to replenish ship energy or repair ship hull. That can now be done directly from mission’s page or PvP war page in game.

Mission autopilot is added to game. When activated, autopilot will automatically accomplish mission by mission, and also automatically will use Energy Cells and/or Repair bots when ship energy or hull is below 700 units.

Some minor bugs are fixed. Also, some there are some minor changes in design of certain parts of game.

Friday update (October, 07. 2011.)

10/04/11 12:39:47

Web site maintenance and update is scheduled for October 7, 2011, Friday. Web site will be offline starting from 11:00 AM CET. Web site maintenance and update will be finished in around one hour. Web site and game will be updated to version Open Beta. Current version is Open Beta.

Transferring to new server

09/25/11 10:08:01

Today, we will start transferring Warriors of the Universe web site and game to a new server.

Until we finish web site transferring, some user can expect minor issues with web site availability. Also, periodically web site will be offline for maintenance process.

Transferring process should be completely finished before next Friday.

Warriors Of The Universe open beta released

09/12/11 10:30:22

After few months of intensive closed beta testing, we decide to publish this website and game in open beta phase.

Warriors of the Universe are FTP (free to play) text-based RPG multiplayer web browser game. Only web browser software is required to play this game, and of course, Internet connection.

Although the Warriors of the Universe is developed with support for older web browsers, for maximum enjoyment in the game please use a modern web browser.

Some features of Warriors of the Universe game are Player vs. Player fights, Fleet vs. Fleet wars (one fleet can have up to 100 players), and Race vs. Race wars, large number of missions and a lot of other...

Open beta version of this website and game is fully functional and tested. All game features are fully activated, except buying RW points.

During open beta phase of the game we keep right to temporary shutdown website and game, in order to fix minor errors and bugs, if we found any.

Closed beta version is ending on September 12, 2011.

09/03/11 16:14:45

Warriors of the Universe closed beta version is ending on September 12, 2011.

We are proud to announce the release of Warriors of The Universe open beta version.

Warriors of The Universe open beta version will be finally released on September 12, 2011. Players will be able to freely join to game.

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